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WINING WORDS by Lisa Allen-Agostini

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Hard wine
a particularly vigorous wine, usually on someone
Give (someone) a wine
to allow someone to wine on you; a pity wine
Take a wine
to boldly do same
Wine around
to wine in a circular motion, or to move around while wining
Wine back
to actively participate in a wine initiated by someone else
Wine down
to wine while lowering the bottom to the ground in a squat
Wine in (someone`s) face
metaphorical. To trounce, to lord it over someone
Wine in time
correct wining, done to the dominant beat of the music
Wine off (one`s something)
to wine so hard that something surely must be broken
Wine on (someone)
to wine against someone, either facing them or from behind
Wine out of time
incorrect wining, done to the offbeat or no beat at all
Wine to (music)
Wine up
to wine vigorously
Sweet wine
a wine that feels good, arousing
Tief a wine
to creep up behind or in front of someone and wine on them surreptitiously
Stiff wine
an awkward wine lacking the fluidity of spine that characterises a fine wine
Rough wine
wining fast and hard, usually with someone
Social wine
a polite, non-sexual wine, done by someone who either can`t wine well or who wants people to think they`re too high-class to wine well
Walk and wine
in a display of sauciness or impertinence, or overt sexuality, a woman (or man, usually gay) may walk while shaking her bottom
Small wine
a short wine
Tourist wine
the half-a-beat-out-of-time and amateurish wine practised by tourists who don`t know the art
Just a wine
Though a wine could mean more, sometimes it is just dancing and nothing else
Dutty wine
a wine with bad intentions, a true jamette wine, uninhibitedly sexual
Slow wine
a wine to a slow song, or on every other beat